What Sets Us Apart

At Chawla Orthodontics, Oral Surgery and Pediatric Dentistry our first priority — always — is to meet the needs of our patients. We want to develop a team where our patients and our staff work together to achieve straightened teeth and an engaging smile ... quickly and without pain or discomfort.

In order to do this, we establish an open line of communication with our patients and their parents, to ensure everyone understands what is going to happen, why it needs to happen, and what are the options for achieving the goals. Further, we encourage our patients to come to us with their questions and concerns; we are here to assist, clarify, support, and reassure you throughout your orthodontic experience.

Having worked in the area for 25 years, we have opened a brand-new, state-of-the-art practice. We don’t want a visit to be something that people dread; rather, we want our patients to look forward to coming to see us!

While our practice is highly professional, and offers the latest orthodontic, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry treatments and technologies from all our dental specialists, as well as our specialty team, we never lose sight of the essential human dynamic. Each treatment is delivered with a compassionate, human touch and a smile. Everyone on our team is ready to welcome you with a smile, share a joke or two, and catch up with you about what’s been happening in your life since your last visit. We genuinely care about our patients and develop friendships with them.

Whether your teeth need just a little work to bring them into perfect alignment or you need more intensive orthodontia, our doctors have the experience to help you develop that perfect smile. Please call our Westmont, IL office with your questions and to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Everyone here at Chawla Orthodontics looks forward to meeting you and your family; even more, we look forward to teaming with you to create a warm and engaging smile with perfectly straight teeth.