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Smiles Savvy Dental Specialist

Orthodontic Clinic in Westmont & Villa Park, IL

Improve your self-esteem and brighten your world.
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Our mission is to work with our patients to create perfect, shining smiles that improve self-esteem and brighten your world.

Our experienced orthodontists, Dr. Sumit Chawla and Dr. Jag Chawla have been working in this field for over 45 years combined, have a unique passion for their work, and have confidently served the Westmont, Villa Park, Downers Grove, and surrounding areas. Dr. Alexander Katsnelson, our board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, provides patients with all aspects of surgery, from dental implants to extractions.

Our pediatric dentists Dr. Sudhir Bhatia and Dr. Rhiannon Holcombe understand how daunting oral care can be for children, so they spend quality time with each child in order to make them feel comfortable so each visit is safe and fun.

At the beginning of every day, we know we’re going to get to see our patients who have become friends, and each evening we return home knowing we’ve made a difference in the lives of our patients. Our work is rewarding, challenging, and fun!

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Service-Oriented Care

At Chawla Orthodontics, our first priority- always- is to provide each and every one of our patients with both the superior smile and superior experience that they deserve.

cutting edge care at Chawla Orthodontics
Cutting-Edge Care

Chawla Orthodontics offers the latest technologic advancements and treatment methods in orthodontics, oral surgery, & pediatric dentistry.

Communicate with us to Schedule your First Visit
Communication Is Key

From your complimentary first consultation to our flexible approach to scheduling following appointments around your needs & schedules, we will communicate openly & transparently throughout the entire treatment process to keep you fully in the loop.

Customized Treatment Westmont & Villa Park, IL
Customized Treatment Built For & Around You

Whether your teeth need just a little work to bring them into perfect alignment or you are in need of more intensive or complex orthodontic care, our talented team of doctors possess the experience & skill to implement a highly personalized treatment plan that will make the smile of your dreams a reality.

45 years of excellence in orthodontic treatment
45 Years of Excellence

Dr. Jag Chawla & Dr. Sumit Chawla have proudly offered the local community the best in orthodontic treatment for over 45 years, & they are committed to continue expanding & innovating each year to continue to provide leading-edge care.

Multi Speciality Services Westmont & Villa Park, IL
Multi-Specialty Services

Through our unique approach of offering a full range of oral treatment services in-house that include orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, prosthodontics, & endodontics, we truly are your family’s one-stop solution for stunning smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions
+ What is an orthodontist?
An orthodontist in Westmont is a specialized type of dentistry that focuses on the correction of your jaw and teeth. Becoming an orthodontist takes further education and residency that revolves specifically around straightening teeth so you can have a regular bite and correctly positioned jaw.
+ What do orthodontists do?
An orthodontist in Westmont uses appliances to straighten teeth over a period of time to help create the correct positioning of your teeth and your jaw. Appliances such as braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, palatal expander, etc., all help create your ideal smile.
+ Who is a pediatric orthodontist?
A pediatric orthodontist in Villa Park is an orthodontist that focuses on the positioning of teeth and jaw in children and teens. Becoming a pediatric orthodontist also takes extra schooling and a different type of residency than a regular orthodontist.
+ What happens on your first pediatric orthodontist appointment?
When your child comes in for their first visit with our pediatric orthodontist in Villa Park, you should come prepared with the right paperwork and fill out any other needed paperwork when you arrive. Your child will have time to get comfortable in our waiting room, then bring them in for their x-rays and their examination.
+ How to find the best orthodontist?
Finding the best orthodontist in Westmont does not have to be a hard task. We suggest looking up places that are near you. See if these orthodontists are certified, it should say on their website, or you can see them in their office. We recommend looking at their reviews; reviews can tell a lot about the overall experience you will have at that orthodontist.
+ What are the benefits of going to an orthodontist?
There are many benefits to going to the best orthodontist in Westmont. The most significant benefit includes your dream smile. An orthodontist can correct the position of your teeth as well as align your bite, and correct any jaw misalignment that you may have.
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519 N Cass Ave, Suite 401 | Westmont, IL 60559


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101 E. St. Charles Rd, Suite 101 | Villa Park, IL 60181



519 N Cass Ave, Suite 401 Westmont, IL 60559

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101 E. St. Charles Rd, Suite 101 | Villa Park, IL 60181

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