Emergency Care

Genuine orthodontic emergencies are not common, but we are always here to help when they occur. As a general rule, always get in touch with our office when you experience a painful appliance issue that is hard to bear, and we will schedule an appointment to deal with the issue.

It might come to you as a surprise that there are lots of issues you can deal with temporarily until you visit our office. If you’ve got a loose piece that is removable, place it carefully in an envelop or plastic and come with it to your next appointment. If you are getting poked by your braces, place some soft wax on the protruding part, you can use needle-nosed pliers to drag it to the other side, replacing it in the tube on the back tooth.

Once you get rid of your discomfort, you should still get in touch with our practice immediately to schedule an appointment for the repair of any problem. Your treatment plan may get disrupted if you allow your appliance to remain damaged for a long period.



General soreness

When you put your braces on, you may feel some soreness in your mouth, and teeth may become sensitive for up to five days. During this period make sure you only eat soft foods. Using warm salt-water mouthwash can help relieve sensitive gums. Use one teaspoonful of salt dissolved in eight ounces of warm water to rinse your mouth thoroughly. If you experience severe sensitivity, you can take Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or any other pain reliever. While wearing braces, it is not advisable to take Aspirin, Naproxen Sodium (Naprosyn, Anaprox) and Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) because they slow down the movement of the tooth.

The tongue, cheeks and lips may get irritated for a couple of weeks as they try to get used to the braces. You can reduce the effect of the irritation by putting wax on the braces. We will give you directions to follow!




Sometimes, failure to follow the instruction of the orthodontist when wearing the headgear can be a source of discomfort. Please make sure you refer to the orthodontist’s instruction. Get in touch with our office for help if the facebow gets bent. The more you wear the headgear, the lees painful it will get, so make sure you stick to the prescribed number of hours.


Loose appliance

If you’re getting poked by your appliance, put a wax on the affected area.


Loose bracket

If you still have a band or bracket attached to the wire, you should let it remain in place and apply some wax on it if required for comfort. If you can easily remove the band or bracket, put it carefully in an envelope and come with it to your next appointment.


Loose wire

Try putting the wire back in place by using a pair of needle-nosed pliers or tweezers. You can fix the wire in place using a piece of floss: make sure the floss is tied around the bracket instead of the missing colored o-ring. If you are unable to get the wire into a good position, and getting the end covered with wax does not help, then just as a last resort clip the wire behind the last tooth using a small fingernail clipper. Put wax on the end of the wire if it is still sharp.


Poking wire

Use a pencil eraser to push down the poking wire or put wax on it to ensure that it no longer pokes.

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