We are a Certified Provider of Invisalign

When it comes to getting the smile of your dream using Invisalign treatment, and without braces, our doctor can determine if Invisalign clear aligners are the ideal solution for you.

What is Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign treatment makes use of a number of removable, invisible, and comfortable aligners that make it possible for you to smile during and after treatment. Invisalign clear aligners are produced using effective 3D computer imaging technology. Over 70% of orthodontists based in Canada and the U.S. are certified to carry out Invisalign treatment.

Why would I want it?

Aside from the fact that the aligners are virtually invisible, they can be removed and you can eat what you like while you are undergoing treatment. You can also floss and brush with no issues. They also offer more comfort than traditional braces. They have no wires or metal, which indicates that less time will be spent in the doctor’s office making adjustments. You will also be able to view your virtual plan in the beginning so you can have an idea of what your teeth will look like at the completion of your treatment.

How does it work?

Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks, taking them off only to floss, brush, eat, and drink. Your teeth moves little by little each week as each aligner is replaced with the next in the series – until the desired level of straightening has been achieved. You will be required to visit us every six weeks so we can check the progress of your treatment. The treatment takes an average of 15 months and you will have to wear between 18 and 30 aligners during this period, but you’ll see variations in some cases.

You can check out the Invisalign website to learn more about Invisalign.

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