Life with Braces

Once you have your braces on, you need to know how the take care of them the right way throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment.

Eating with Braces

Don’t worry, before long you will be eating potato chips and popcorn once again. However, you will need to first exercise some care and patience and avoid foods that could cause any damage for your new device.

Here some Foods to avoid with braces:

  • Crunchy foods — ice, chips, popcorn
  • Chewy foods — licorice, bagels
  • Hard foods — hard candies, nuts
  • Sticky foods — chewing gum, caramel candies
  • Food that you will need to bite into – carrots, apples, corn on the cob

You can eat the following foods with braces:

  • Breads — muffins without nuts, pancakes, soft tortillas
  • Dairy — milk-based drinks, pudding, soft cheese
  • poultry/Meats— lunch meats, meatballs, soft cooked chicken
  • Grains — soft cooked rice, pasta
  • Vegetables — beans, steamed spinach, mashed potatoes
  • Seafood — crab cakes, salmon, tuna
  • Treats — soft cake, Jell-O, milkshakes, ice cream without nuts
  • Fruits — fruit juice, bananas, applesauce

Soreness resulting Appliances and Braces

Getting braces for the first time, your teeth and mouth may feel a little sore and tender. This is normal and will subside with time. You can relieve the pain by taking one teaspoon of salt dissolved in warm water. Gargle and swish this solution in your mouth for a few minutes, without swallowing the salt water.

You can also take pain relievers if the pain deteriorates after rinsing. You could start feeling some irritation on your cheeks, tongue, and lips for up to two weeks as they get used to the braces. We would gladly give you some wax which can be put over the braces to reduce the tenderness. Please do let us know if you need some wax.

Loose Teeth

If you feel that your teeth are getting loose, don’t be worried! Your teeth need to be loosened first by your braces to move them into the correct position. Your teeth will become firm once they have been repositioned.

Loose Bands and Wires

The bands and wires on your braces could become loose. Get in touch with us immediately if you notice this so that we can help you repair the appliance. If a piece of your appliance falls off, make sure you come with it to the office.

The loose wire can be temporary fixed with the eraser end of a pencil or the back of a spoon to gently return the wire into place. If your cheeks and lips are getting irritated due to the loose wire, place a wet cotton ball or wax over the broken wire. This helps to alleviate the pain.

Care for Your Appliances

Damaged appliances can prolong your treatment duration, so make sure you care for all your appliances. Your jaw and teeth can only be realigned if you consistently wear the headgear, rubber bands or other devices as prescribed by your doctor.

Playing Sports with Braces

As an athlete, you can fully participate in sports during the course of your orthodontic treatment! It is recommended that you protect your appliance and teeth by wearing a mouthguard. Talk to your doctor if you have trouble getting the perfect mouthguard for you.

If an emergency occurs during sports, ensure you check your appliances and mouth to see if there is any damage. If your appliance becomes damaged or your teeth become loosed, please visit our office immediately. The discomfort can be temporarily alleviated by rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater or applying wax.

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