Palatal Expander

The palatal expander widens or expands your upper jaw by exerting some pressure on the upper molars whenever it is adjusted. The illustration below explains how the expander is adjusted. When you reach the correct adjustment, you will need to wear the device for months to strengthen the expansion as well as avoid regression.

Adjusting the palatal expander

You can also download these instructions in a printable PDF document.

Step 1

Gently push the patient’s head back.

Step 2

Put the key in the hole and make sure it is firm.

Step 3

Try pushing the key toward the back of the mouth. This will cause the fender to rotate and make the new hole to appear. As soon as the key meets the back of the expander, the rotation ceases.

Step 4

To remove the key, press back and down toward the tongue. You should now be able to see the next hole where you can insert the key.

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